Recipe Ideas
Each month our staff creates delicious recipes to allow you to choose one or more from our extensive library Gene's Fine Foods. . . More details
Something Different
Steak Vegetables and Potatoes
Snacks or Party Time
Breakfast Casserole

Graduates and June Go Together Nicely

As your graduate celebrates you can find cards, flowers and nearly everything else you may need to help them feel special.

Text Your Request for Boar's Head Offerings

Fantastic food, great location and you can conveniently text your order into the Deli, take down your Order Number and go to the Express Line to get your order! Text your order to 925 918-5874

Gene's Fine Foods
Offers Wine Tasting!

Visit our Tasting Room on Friday, May 29, from 4 - 6 pm to taste Iron Maiden Trooper Beers and on Friday and Saturday, May 29 and 30, from 2 to 5 pm to taste some fine wines.

Finest Cuts of Meat
Available at Gene's

You can purchase a New York Steak in nearly any market, but you won't find the variety offered by our butchers anywhere else in the local region. Treat yourself to the best!